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Scented Candle – Lemongrass Small – Ex-Display

Condition: Ex-display furniture

Indulge in relaxation with the Scented Candle – Lemongrass Small. In a white shade with black speckles, it offers a minimalist and contemporary design. Enjoy the calming essence of its lemongrass fragrance, elevating your decor with soothing scents as an ex-display furniture piece.


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Condition: Ex-display furniture

Discover the calming essence of the Scented Candle – Lemongrass Small. This exquisite white candle features black speckles, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. The lemongrass fragrance infuses your space with a soothing and refreshing ambiance.

Crafted with precision, the candle comes as an ex-display furniture piece, ensuring its quality and charm. Whether placed on a shelf, countertop, or as part of a decorative display, it effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Unwind with the gentle and invigorating scents of the Scented Candle – Lemongrass Small, elevating your decor with its minimalist and contemporary design.

Weight 0.36 kg

White with black speckles.

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