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How We Start

As a professional stylist with over five years of experience in the property styling industry, Michelle had a vision to make high-end, designer furniture accessible to everyone. After completing hundreds of projects and seeing the same question asked time and time again, “Can I buy the furniture used in the display?”, she knew there had to be a solution.


The furniture used by stylists is often big-brand, high-quality, and designed by renowned interior designers. However, these pieces come with a high price tag that not everyone can afford. Even those who could afford the price often prefer to buy brand new furniture, leaving the beautiful and nearly new display pieces unused.


Determined to find a solution, Michelle had an idea: why not sell these ex-display furniture at a more affordable price? She handpicked a collection of carefully selected furniture that had been used only for display purposes, ensuring that each piece was almost as good as new.


With this business, Michelle aims to make designer furniture accessible to all, providing the perfect solution for those who have a good taste but are limited by the high cost of designer pieces. This is the story of how our business was born and our mission to offer beautiful, high-end furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Our Business Model

At Like Furniture, we believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, no matter their budget. That’s why we’ve created a unique business model that allows us to offer high-quality, designer furniture at affordable prices.


We work closely with a variety of property styling companies, including our own in-house styling company, Like Styling. Every month, these companies complete numerous projects, such as property styling and showrooms. We carefully select the best furniture pieces from these projects and make them available for purchase or rent at our store.


By partnering with property styling companies, we have access to a wide range of furniture, from contemporary and modern designs to classic and traditional styles. All of our furniture is gently used, but in excellent condition, meaning you can snag a designer piece for a fraction of the original price.


Our goal is to make it easy for you to create a home you love, without breaking the bank. With our unique business model, you can shop for designer furniture with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best deal possible.

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