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Patterned Planter Pot – Green 17cm – Ex-Display

Condition: Ex-display furniture

Add a touch of nature to your home with the Green Patterned Planter Pot, measuring 17cm in height. Available in our Australian online furniture store, this pot enhances your indoor greenery with its stylish design.


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Condition: Ex-display furniture

Elevate your indoor greenery with the Patterned Planter Pot in a refreshing Green hue. This 17cm pot, available in our Australian online furniture store, adds a touch of nature-inspired charm to your home.

Crafted with intricate patterns, this planter pot exudes elegance and functionality. Its versatile size makes it suitable for a variety of plants, from small succulents to vibrant flowers, bringing a natural touch to your living space.

Embrace the allure of ex-display furniture as you bring home the Green Patterned Planter Pot, combining aesthetics with its practical design. Upgrade your plant display with this delightful and decorative piece that complements various interior styles.

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15×17×15 cm

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