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Double Wall Tea Cup by Kinto – 200ml – Brand New

Condition: Brand new furniture

Enjoy your tea in the innovative Double Wall Tea Cup by Kinto (200ml). This brand new tea cup combines elegance and functionality to elevate your tea-drinking moments.


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Condition: Brand new furniture

Experience the perfect tea-drinking moments with the Double Wall Tea Cup by Kinto. This brand new tea cup, with a capacity of 200ml, is designed to elevate your tea enjoyment with its innovative double-wall construction.

The Double Wall Tea Cup is thoughtfully created by Kinto, renowned for their elegant and functional drinkware. The double-wall design not only keeps your tea hot for longer but also prevents the exterior from getting too hot to touch.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this tea cup showcases a sleek and minimalist appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of your tea table. The smooth and clear glass allows you to appreciate the rich color and aroma of your tea.

Elevate your tea ritual with this brand new Double Wall Tea Cup by Kinto (200ml) and savor your favorite teas in style and comfort.

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    Double Wall Tea Cup by Kinto - 200ml - Brand New

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